Strongpipe® Outershield GF

About Strongpipe® Outershield GF

In today’s world of increased competitiveness and high pressure on fabricators to increase the safety of using metal cored wires for their welding jobs, Outershield® MC710RF-H can provide a competitive edge. Health and safety aspects have always been an important part of welding practice.

Outershield MC710-H is widely applied in industry and has gained popularity because it combines ease of use and high productivity with good mechanical properties. Being one of the best consumables in this group, it reflects typical advantages of metal cored wires.Metal cored wire, such as Outershield MC710-H, is a very good solution for thin sheet material, and is also one of the best solutions for semiautomatic welding of multipass welds and thicker plates. Metal cored wire, however, is typically not considered a low-fume generating welding process. Per Figure 1, below, the FER for the MCAW (M21) process is typically lower than the FER of the GMAW (CO2) process and higher than the FER of the GMAW (Pulse) process

Suitable industries

Outershield® has a smooth stable arc that delivers beads with good tie-in. Outershield® is able to weld over mild levels of mill scale, rust and other contaminants because of its high level of deoxidization.