Strongpipe® S Glass

About Strongpipe® S Glass

S-glass Fibreglass is a high performance alternative to standard Fibreglass E-glass. It is stronger and stiffer with a comparable density. S-glass Fibreglass is more expensive than E-glass but is still cheaper than Carbon Fibre. It is a good alternative for laminates requiring high strength.

The use of S-glass fiber with tensile strength of 4600 Mpa, Modulus of Elasticity of 86 GPA and a fatigue resistance 10 times greater than traditional E-glass systems in combination with the unique vacuum impregnation ensures greater performance, and reliability.

Key features

  • * High production rates.
  • * Improved mechanical properties compared to E-glass.
  • * Relatively low density.
  • * Non-flammable.
  • * Good chemical resistance.
  • * Relatively insensitive to moisture.
  • * GHigh stiffness.

Suitable industries

S-Glass is generally used for polymer matrix composites that require improved mechanical properties compared to E-glass based composites. This is often the case when the material is operated under more extreme conditions.