The alternate epoxy coating


The alternate epoxy coating.

The Allter Guard™ range of products are two component coating systems. The coating comes in the form of a can and can be rolled, sprayed or trowelled. This range is specialistic for high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and impact resistance. As an OEM application to coat pipe or as a rehab method, this product is heavily used to overcome hot piping and riser corrosion issues.

Allter Guard™ is the alternate organic coating solution for replacing traditional ISO 12944 and NORSOK M-501 approves coating systems.

Key features

  • * High temperature resistance
  • * Easy mixing ratio’s
  • * Toughness
  • * Provides excellent corrosion protection

Suitable industries

Suitable for structural steel and piping exposed a wide range of corrosive atmospheric environments.
Recommended for offshore environments, refineries, power plants, bridges, buildings, mining equipment and general structural steel. Specially designed for high temperature applications.