Tank Rehabilitation & VCI Protection

About Rust-X VCI

RustXCorroLiquidprovides cost effective and practical solution to the protection of tank bottoms against soil side corrosion. It can be applied on CP protected and unprotected new tanks, in-service and out -of - service tanks. Rust-X USA also have mechanical design systems for the tanks constructed on oily, bituminous sand and asphalt ,concrete pad beneath the floors and can innovate different systems as required. These systems are economical, effective, and can be installed on a retrofit basis without disrupting tank service.

RustXCorroMax ER Probes are shielded with Stainless Steel 316/316L caging to avoid any harm to the ER probe device unless most other probes that can get damaged over time and can stop to give any reading. The wires are armored which provide extra shielding and are corrosion resistant.

Compatibility with Cathodic Protection

Several studies and tests have been performed to verify the compatibility of VCIand CP. and confirmed that VCIis completely compatible with CP and when used in combination. It lowers the usage of the electric power necessary for the cathodic protection and extends the life of the bottom plates.

RustX CorroLiquid

RustX VCI CorroLiquid is a multi-metal & multi-modal acting inhibitor used for the protection process equipment, steel tubes, steel structures, storage tanks as well as steel structural foundations.

This can be used in a multiple ways to protect corrosion:

  • * Spread as liquid on concrete to protect Re-bar.
  • * Can be mixed with Concrete to protect from corrosion.
  • * Can be applied on steel with a brush or spray or dipping steel parts in the solution.
  • * Sprayed on equipment inside or outside and upon drying forms a corrosion inhibiting powdery layer.
  • * Dosed into liquid/water pipelines that require protection after filling pipes with water.
  • * Can be injected in tank bottoms
  • Suitable industries

    The VCI 4209 uses SMP technology for speedy moisture passivation, as it is a combination of fast and slow evaporating inhibitors. This gives instant protection to the metal from the fast evaporating VCIs as well as long-term protection due to moderate and slow evaporating VCI combination.