Bristle Blaster®

Removes corrosion and generates an anchor profile by using a specially designed rotary bristle tool.

Bristle Blaster

Bristle blaster is most frequently used for removal of unwanted films and layers of corrosion that can form on metallic surfaces. Common applications include cleaning, preparation, and refurbishment of iron and steel components that are used for fabricating bridges, ships, and pipeline systems.

Using the Bristle Blaster®, the need for complex abrasive blast equipment is completely eliminated. Consequently, Bristle Blasting is perfect for weld seam preparation and widely used for pipeline repair.

  • Removes the need for enclosures, reprocessing or disposal of grit.
  • Minimal loss of base material.
  • No vibration or jumping – reducing operating fatigue.
  • Minimal adhesive residue – can be easily removed with suitable solvent.

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The Bristle Blaster® of MontiPower® was – and is – a phenomenal breakthrough when it comes to ‘blasting without grit’. The patented characteristics of the Bristle Blaster® form the basis of our new machine products which are now being used to enter different markets.