Bond™ PU

Two component, solvent based polyurethane adhesive.

About Bond™ PU

Two component, solvent based polyurethane adhesive.

Allter-Bond™ PU is a two component adhesive specially designed for bonding soft PVC foils, foam backed PVC foils and ABS/PVC foils by vacuum deepdrawing technique to various substrates like wood fibre complexes and injection moulded parts of ABS and ABS/PVC (Bayblend®).

Key features

  • * High initial bond strength even at low reactivating temperatures.
  • * Can be used for a wide range of applications.
  • * Very good automatic spray equipment properties.
  • * Additional Crosslinker for good resistance to aging/heat and cold exposure.
  • * Bonding with-and without heat activation and vacuum technique.
  • * Contrasting color for verifying adhesive uniformity.
  • * Long open tack time/up to max. 3 hours.


Suitable industries

Industries such as automotive.
The product can be used for lamination of flat surfaces as well for edge folding with a one-side application. Other applications are the production of laminated interior automotive parts, like doors, side-and pillar linings, consoles and dashboards.